The Shays Rebellion

Who deserves a say in government? What are the legal limits of protest? The Shays Rebellion role-play offers a deep dive into the early days of the United States and the issues that led up to the Constitutional Convention.


The Nullification Crisis

The Nullification role-play immerses students in the conflicts that led up to the Civil War: the economic relationship between North and South, the growing abolition movement, and the struggle for power between federal and state governments.


The Dorr Rebellion

The Dorr Rebellion role-play explores the battle to rewrite Rhode Island's Constitution. It asks: How do you reform the government? How do you balance power between rural and urban areas? Who should have the right to vote?


The Pullman Strike

The Pullman Strike role-play explores a defining moment in American labor history. What is the proper balance of power between bosses and workers? How much influence should big companies have over people's lives?


The AIDS Epidemic

The AIDS Epidemic role-play explores the early days of the AIDS crisis. It asks, how should we treat an incurable disease? Who should be the face of the fight against AIDS? How do we balance civil liberties and public health?