The Shays Rebellion

Who deserves a say in government? What are the legal limits of protest? The Shays Rebellion role-play offers a deep dive into the early days of the United States and the issues that led up to the Constitutional Convention.

The Shays Rebellion

Set in 1787 in the aftermath of the attack on the federal armory in Springfield, Massachusetts, students take on the roles of Farmers, Regulators, Bankers and Merchants.  After being introduced to the situation, students work with other members of their group to define their values.

Then students will debate and vote on how Massachusetts should handle:

Finance - What should the state do about its debts?

Representation - Who deserves a say in government?

Law - How do we keep Massachusetts safe?

At the end of the role-play, an epilogue video lays out what actually happened.


Students: 6 to 50

Running Time: 90 minutes (the role-play can be broken into multiple sessions)

Teacher Guide: Shays Rebellion Teacher Walkthrough PDF